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UnderWriting Secrets

My training breaks down exactly what an underwriter will look for in order to either approve or decline your funding application. Imagine KNOWING what questions will be asked on a test BEFORE taking the test. That’s the type of unfair advantage you will have by going through this 1 hour training.

How to build business credit quickly

Just like building personal credit, you can speed up the business credit building process. I’ll give you all the shortcuts in my playbook. I’ll even give you a FREE LIST of vendors that are verified to report accounts to the business credit bureaus to put the process in overdrive!

How to make your start-up look like a multi-million dollar company

I will cover some hacks you can use to increase the amount of bargaining chips you have to play with. Even if you are brand new in business, I’ll show you some tricks that will make you look like a Fortune 500 company.

Learn how to borrow at interest rates lower than Prime

No, that’s not a typo. I will show you some finance hacks that will have you borrowing at a lower interest than the US Prime rate!

What Others Are Saying

Lisa s

I never realized that banks have specific formulas that they use to underwrite loans. This training cleared it all up for me. Thank you.

Lisa S


Wholesale Distribution Company

Jason H

I was able to get a business line of credit with $175,000 limit using the techniques in this program.

Jason H


Staffing Agency

Ashley C

This training is the real deal! I am now able to borrow money for prime rates. It saves me $2500/mo in interest expense. ALL business owners need to know this information!

Ashley C


Advertising Business