Using Business Credit Line to Double Profits – 3 tips & Case Study

How many bags of maple bacon flavored organic K-9 Krunchies can you buy with $25,000? I ask because that’s how much one of our clients increased her MONTHLY profit by! $25,000 every month.

Business Financing – Are your Tax Returns helping or hindering?

What are the most important lines on your business tax returns when you’re seeking large amounts of business financing?

Increase Credit Limit [$40K to $300K] on a Business Line of Credit – 4 Tips!

We have another success story from a client who came to us just two years ago, he was able to increase his credit limit from $40,000 to $300,000.

Experian Boost – Does it really boost your FICO?


Chicagoland real estate expert Rafael Velasco is thriving in the probate market. Learn how to invest in Probate Real Estate using business credit. We shed some light on this little known strategy and invite you to get started on your own or partner with our past client.

800 FICO vs 800 FAKO

Today I want to break down and establish why an 800 credit score is completely different than a brand new 800 credit score, and I’m going to show you what the differences and I’m going to show you five factors that you need to focus on instead of the score itself.