Success Story

Increase Credit Limit [$40K to $300K] on a Business Line of Credit – 4 Tips!

We have another success story from a client who came to us just two years ago, he was able to increase his credit limit from $40,000 to $300,000.


Chicagoland real estate expert Rafael Velasco is thriving in the probate market. Learn how to invest in Probate Real Estate using business credit. We shed some light on this little known strategy and invite you to get started on your own or partner with our past client.

How to Increase your FICO – For Business Owners

Let’s start with a quick story about the client. He started a wholesaling business less than a year ago. Since his business was ‘too new’ to qualify for conventional financing, and he wanted to start leveraging his business to achieve massive growth

Midwest Corporate Credit – Client Reviews and Success Story

We were able to bring his payment from about $80K per month down to $2000 per month. 

a 6 figure business credit card? [PROOF Inside]

I’ll show you how a business owner increased his limit from $7,000 to $135,000 (A 20-fold increase)

Midwest Corporate Credit Review and Client Success Story

Firewatch Solutions is a very niche business that provides training, policies, and procedures for non-profits and..