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Small businesses are the engine which drives the economy. But starting a small business often requires more money than small business owners may have personally. One way to overcome this hurdle is by establishing business credit. Business credit is established based on a company’s assets and its payment history with vendors. If you have established good business credit it will improve your chances of getting loans from sources which provide capital for businesses. This is important because even though small businesses play such an important role in bolstering the economy, many of them are struggling to survive financially and many others fail each year because of lack of adequate funding. There are a number of excellent sources of capital for businesses. The only issue is knowing where to look. Capital for businesses can come from organizations, individuals or the government. One way to secure funding is to have a good business plan. Your business plan must not only show how you plan to run your business, it should also include research on the need for your product or service in the marketplace, how you plan to serve the needs of those clients and as much demographic information about your market you can find. This is the kind of information funding sources need in order for them to provide capital for businesses. Knowing exactly how much money you need and what it will be used for is another important step in raising capital for businesses. Investors and funding sources need to know that you know exactly how much money you need and how you are going to spend it. Once you know how much capital you will need to start your business and keep it running until you anticipate beginning to make a profit, you are one step closer to successfully petitioning sources that provide capital for businesses.

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Almost all start up businesses need to borrow money to get going. One area not to be overlooked is business credit. One source of business credit is a credit union. Credit unions are a good source of capital for businesses because they usually offer the best rates. While the amount of money you can borrow from a credit union may not be as large as other sources, you may be able to buy the basic things you need to get started and later you may be able to get approach individuals or other institutions that provide capital for businesses. Using business credit to assure people or places that can provide large amounts of capital for businesses you are a good credit risk can help small businesses to be taken more seriously. Sources that provide capital for businesses are not in business to lose money. Even though they may regularly provide capital for businesses, they usually look for reassurances their money will be repaid in a timely manner. If you can show them your business has a good credit rating these sources of capital for businesses will be more likely to consider your request.