Increase Credit Limit [$40K to $300K] on a Business Line of Credit – 4 Tips!

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Line of Credit Increases

a Step by Step Guide

We have another success story from a client who came to us just two years ago, he was able to increase his credit limit from $40,000 to $300,000, and more importantly he was able to quadruple his business using this line. I’m going to show you the four things that you need to do in order to get the same results as him.

I invited this client to do this video with me, however he tells me he’s afraid of cameras, but he did give me permission to use his case study. The client’s name is Brandon, and he’s got an import-export business that specializes in Linens for medical use. He started his business in 2013, and in 2016 he hired us to help him obtain additional capital to grow his company.

Brandon had very good personal credit, however he wasn’t sure which lenders to go with in order to keep his business debt off his personal credit. Additionally, he had one credit score that was lower than the other two. So what we ended up doing was we only sent as app to lenders that would inquire from Experian or Equifax. In the end we ended up setting up three different accounts for this client and one of them was this one for $40,000 from Coastal Community Bank.



The letter is dated for November 3rd 2016 it says “Dear borrower we are pleased to notify you that we have approved your application for Coastal flexline revolving line credit on your account number ending in 0412. Your business line of credit limit is $40,000 and will be available after the effective date of November 14th 2016”.


Pretty cool right?! But it gets better, here’s a snapshot that he recently sent me from his back office on his online banking check it out…


This snapshot was taken on May 16th 2019 at 10:40 a.m. and on the right hand side you could see the limit of $300,000 and lower left hand corner you could see the interest rate is 7.05% not bad!


That’s not even the best part the best part is how Brandon uses line to grow his business.

In 2016 when he first got started with us his annual sales were $334,617 over 43 accounts.

After he got the line he was able to leverage the funds to get additional inventory and in order to float his receivables so he could add new customers.

Today Brandon has over a hundred fifty clients and over the past 12 months has done over 1.4 million dollars in sales!


Talk about selling Rags to Riches!


You’re probably thinking… yeah that’s great but how did he do this?
Here are four tips that you can use to replicate Brandon success!


It's OK to Start Small

Tip #1

Brandon started his business with only a $6,800 investment and then three years later when he found us he was doing about $335,000 in sales. We set up this $40,000 line for him, and he didn’t complain that the amount wasn’t sufficient or the interest rate was too high. He played the cards he was dealt and made the best of them.

Thinking about it from the bank’s perspective:

Pretend you’re painting a room the first thing you’re going to do is paint a one by one square to see if he even like the color or not you’re not. You’re not going to paint the entire room because you may not like the color! Lenders use the same exact technique as a risk management tool. What they’re going to do is lend you a smaller amount to see how you manage it, and then if they like what they see they’re going to increase it overtime. The best thing you could do is manage it properly and show them a return on their investment.

Rest your Revolving Accounts

Tip #2

I’ve covered this in Greater detail in a previous video will put a link to that video and the description for those I want to check it out but the basic idea is to pay your line down under 10% every four to six months. What does does it shows you have a strong cash flow and the ability to repay the line in full if need be. Plus it keeps the banks Regulators happy, but that’s a long boring story I won’t go into it today.

Ask for Increases

Tip #3

You never get anything without asking for it! Brandon was religious in requesting credit limit increases every 6 months.

Leverage us!

Tip #4

I know this sounds bias, however the world the business finance could be complex and confusing for business owners, and you need a guide that will walk you through it.

Let’s say your kitchen needs to be remodeled, and you take it upon yourself to remodel it as a DIY project. The first thing you do is measure everything correctly (I hope), and then you go down the Home Depot order all your flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, kitchen faucet, the kitchen sink, and all the tools you need for the job. From there you watch countless hours of DIY videos and HGTV to figure out how to put it all together. Eventually you’d get it done, I have faith in you.

I just have two questions for you


  1. Where are you going to cook for the 6 months that it’s going to take you to rehab your kitchen?
  2. How many times is it going to flood due to improper Plumbing installation?

 The alternative is just a hire a professional contractor that will get it done in three to four days with minimal problems in the future. Obtaining funds for your business is no different than a kitchen remodel.

Obtaining funds for your business is no different than a kitchen remodel

There are multiple factors that you need to consider

  • Are you applying at a Retail Bank or a Commercial Bank?
  • The Market Cap of that Bank.
  • What’s the program like?
  • Is it secured or Unsecured?
  • Will the account report to your personal credit?
  • If it only reports to your Business’s Credit? Which bureau/bureaus will it report to?
  • The general underwriting criteria of that bank.


The good thing is you don’t have to know any of this. We do all the heavy lifting for you! All you need to do is go to and submit a pre-approval.

Watch it Now: How to get MASSIVE Credit Limits!

Did you like this article?

We provide more case studies and finance tips weekly, but you won’t know when we do unless you complete one of the steps below!


He learned how to leverage $300k in On-Demand funding at 0% interest.

Want the FULL playbook? Get this FREE Training



He learned how to leverage $300k in On-Demand funding at 0% interest.

Want the FULL playbook?
Get this FREE Training

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