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A $2,560 Bill

and why it's the greatest thing EVER!

So I got this massive bill for $2,560 from an attorney and I’m super excited about it, before you. Before you dismiss me as a crazy person, let me tell you a story of how this bill originated.


Real Estate Investing

Property Tax Appeals

This bill came from a law firm that does our property tax appeals, for those of you unfamiliar with what are property tax appeal is here’s how it works.

How Property Tax Appeals Work

In Cook County Illinois or Crook County has the locals call it, the assessor will assign a super high value to commercial properties, which increases your property tax burden. So you have the pleasure of going through a long bureaucratic process called a Tax Appeal, and if you win this Tax Appeal they will lower your property taxes.

Your options to lower your property taxes

1. The hidden power of hiring an expert

You can hire an expert or an attorney to file your appeal on your behalf, they typically charge you about 50% of the first year’s savings. If they win, the savings are locked in for 3 years. now you’re starting to catch my drift on why I’m so excited about this $2,560 bill for those of you that still don’t get it……I saved $5,120 for THREE YEARS. That’s a 500% return on investment!

2. The 'Do-it yourself' strategy

I know the owner of the building right next door to me. It’s the same exact building lot size, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and apartments. The investor of the building next-door called me a sucker for hiring somebody and paying thousands of dollars for a public process that I could execute myself.

The cold truth about doing everything yourself.

Failing to leverage an expert

As you could probably guess, the investor next door tried to appeal his own taxes and he ended up…

  1. filling out the wrong forms
  2. going downtown
  3. standing in line
  4. and wasting a whole bunch of time
Ultimately, at the end of all his hard work, his appeal failed and he ended up right back where he started.

What can YOU Leverage in YOUR Business

So let me ask you this what aspect of your business can you apply this kind of Leverage to? Write down all the bright ideas that you get to apply leverage in your business, can you say for example hire an expert to get your startup or existing business funded so you could grow or become more efficient all you need to do to get started is contact us at (630) 376-6063 or fill click the ‘get funding’ button below.

Watch it Now: 500% ROI Using Leverage

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He learned how to leverage $300k in On-Demand funding at 0% interest.

Want the FULL playbook?
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