Midwest Corporate Credit – Client Reviews and Success Story

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Midwest Corporate Credit Review and Client Success Story

His name is Juan Carlos and he’s the owner of Tile Emporium in Doral, FL.

After investing his life savings to purchase this high end tile & stone store Juan Carlos was in a financial crunch with no working capital left.  So what does he do?  He takes out high interest ACH loans with high daily payments.

The high cost of capital

At one point, Juan Carlos was paying almost 6 figures a month in just loan payments.  After some time, these ultra high payments started taking their toll.  That’s when he found our company and went through our business line of credit program.

Results of Funding Program

Adding over $80,000 a month in cash-flow

Long story short, we were able to bring his  payment from about $80K per month down to $2000 per month.  Not only that but we replaced his term loans with a business line of credit that he can use over and over to purchase inventory.

Let me ask you this:

What’s stopping YOU from growing YOUR business 20% a year?

3 out of 4 times, its lack of funding that holds business owners back.

I’m proposing we solve this problem just like we did with Juan Carlos.  First step would be to click on the link in the description and submit your prequal.  We look forward to working with you…

Watch the Interview with Juan Carlos

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