Midwest Corporate Credit Review and Client Success Story

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Midwest Corporate Credit Review and Client Success Story

Welcome to the first installment of a new series in our resource center!

We recently flew out to southern California to meet with a client of ours who owns a very niche business. Firewatch Solutions is a very niche business that provides training, policies, and procedures for non-profits and government agencies that operate in high risk and conflict prone areas.

Brian (the owner) had a similar role working at a larger firm before he took the plunge and became an entrepreneur.

He had been in business about a year and a half when he went through our program for working capital.

Firewatch Solutions

Dedicated to protecting those that to good

Firewatch Solutions takes a multi-faceted approach to security, from protocol development to realistic scenario-based training, to directly supporting clients in the field.

• Policies and Protocols

• Advisory Services

• Training


$125,000 in thirty days

We show you this because we are proud of the opportunity and impact that it creates for our clients.  The work we do makes Brian the hero for being able to provide additional jobs.  For being able to offer more and better services to his clients, and for pursuing his goals, dreams, and aspirations.

2019 is right around the corner.  I want you to define YOUR goals for the new year.  If its lack of business funding that’s holding you back, you already know where to go.  The link is in the description.  Get out there and crush it this year!  I’ll see you next week.

Midwest Corporate Credit - Client Success Story

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