Why Your FICO Score is About to Change

So what exactly is the ultra FICO score

and how is it going to be different from the previous scoring model?

In Summary:


Ultra FICO score is going to allow lenders to look into your checking and savings accounts to see how you’re managing your cash. The theory behind the new model is that if you’re good at managing your cash, you will likely going to manage your credit responsibly as well. FICO is claiming that the Ultra FICO Score is going to benefit 7 out of 10 Americans.

What We Know So Far

Although all the information on the new model isn’t released yet, based on the fundamentals of the new model we’ve developed these three tips to help you Boost your Score with the New Ultra FICO Model.

  • Make sure you have regular deposits going in your checking account.
  • Make sure your savings account is growing.
  • Make sure you don’t overdraft on any of your accounts.

More tips on ULTRA FICO

As soon as more information on the new model is released, we will provide a follow up summary of the new model with more detailed strategies and loopholes on what you can do to benefit from the new model. Here’s what you can do to stay informed on our updates and tips.


Watch our Video on the New ULTRA FICO Score

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