What experts are saying about credit windows

What experts are saying about credit windows

When the Credit Window is Open

As a business owner it is important to take advantage of open credit windows and acquire all the funding your business requires for the present in future..

  • Lenders are competing for business
  • Fewer borrowers
  • Capital is plenty
  • Cycle creates lackluster underwriting criteria
  • Borrowers have all the power

When the Credit Window is Closing

If a business owner waits until a credit window is slammed shut to apply for financing, they will pay higher interest rates, receive lower loan amounts, or get their funding request denied all together.

  • Unwise lending do to less underwriting restrictions
  • High Defaults
  • High Levels of loss to the lenders
  • More borrowers
  • Less lenders
  • Lenders have all the power

What experts are saying about credit windows

In this 3 minute video, we shed some light on the single most important factor that determines the health of the economy, and more important, what you as a business owner can do to take advantage of it!

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