How to get credit limit increases

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How to do you huge credit limits on your revolving accounts?

Tired of tiny credit limits on your revolving accounts?

Well, you should be! The lower your credit limit is, the easier it is to charge a higher percentage of a the card, which can be damaging to your credit score! We put together this checklist to shed some light on the process of what makes an analyst approve you for a higher limit.

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  •    For 2-3 months, regularly use the card you want the increase


  •    Make more than the minimum monthly payment each month on that card.


  •    On the day you request the creditlimit increase, your account should show that you have 20% or less revolving credit card utilization on all three bureaus. (if you are not at 20% or less revolving utilization, then, DO NOT apply until after your report confirms 20% or less utilization on all bureaus).


  •    On the day you ask for the creditlimit increase, the card that you are asking for the credit limit incease on should have a current balance equal to 20% or less of its current


  •    On the day you ask for the creditlimit increase, The Statement Balance on the card you are asking for the increase on should also show a balance of 20% or less of the current


  •    You will likely be asked for your personal annual income, as well as your business gross and net income and your monthly housing expense. These numbers should match the information that you had originally provided on your full application, unless your revenues and income have


  •    You may be asked to describe why you want a creditlimit increase. Be prepared to provide an educated answer as to what you need the increase for, and how the increase will help you to grow your business.

How to get credit limit increases

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