Saving your Credit Report to a .pdf Using Google Chrome

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Video Instructions

Screenshot Instructions


  • After signing into Click the ‘reports’ tab to view your most recent credit report

  •  Click the ‘compare all’ tab below to view all three of your credit reports



  •  Click ‘print’ 



  •  Click ‘view report’ to view your credit report in a .pdf.        NOTE: If you do not have adobe reader installed on your computer, the ‘Get Adobe reader’ button will navigate you to a install a free version of adobe so you can finish this process.


  • It may take Creditchecktotal up to 5 minutes to convert your credit report to a .pdf. 


  •  After your report loads, right click your mouse and select ‘print’ from the dropdown menu


  •  Click ‘Save as PDF’ to save your credit report to a .pdf




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